Kopprasch Etudes

“A Kopprasch a day … keeps the stink away”

I originally said it as a joke, but I really do believe that. For me, if I do my Routine followed by a Kopprasch every day, I’m in really good shape for not only the rest of the day, but for the rest of my career. If you are creative and make Kopprasch work for you, it works on all the basics of horn playing and will keep those fundamentals solid. I like to work on them many different ways: all slurred to really work on good air flow, as written, but with different length articulations (be consistent through the etude, but decide on very short – very long) to build consistency in different styles, in lots of transpositions, including down the octave. I like to play them stopped, flutter tongued, with multiple tonguing, regardless of speed. I want to make music when I play Kopprasch. It’s there and it’s our job to bring it out. I don’t want to play it just like an étude. They’re better than that, and I strive to be better than that too! So, go forth, be creative and make music with your Kopprasch a Day!