Denise Tryon

Who Am I?

I’m a native of Roseville, Minnesota. Amazingly, I don’t have a Minnesota accent! I’ve loved music and playing horn for as long as I can remember. My two great passions are performing and problem solving. A great combination! I also have a particular affection for the low register which is somewhat rare in the horn world.

Where I Learned

I graduated from the famed Interlochen Arts Academy. In 1993, I received my Bachelor of Music degree from New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) in Boston. I received the Presidential Scholarship while in the Artist Diploma Program at NEC with the Taiyo Wind Quintet, which won the Coleman Chamber Competition and worked with great composers such as John Harbison, Luciano Berio, György Ligeti and Elliott Carter.

Where I’ve Played

I joined The Philadelphia Orchestra in 2009 as fourth horn, a position I held for 8 years. Before that, I was fourth horn of the Detroit Symphony (2003-2009). I’ve held positions with the Baltimore Symphony (2000-2003), Columbus Symphony (1998-2000) and New World Symphony (1995-1998). I’ve participated at both the Colorado Music Festival and the Pacific Music Festival.

I have many recital and solo performances behind me. I’ve performed and taught all over the world privately, as a part of festivals and workshops, and as Featured Artist with the International Horn Society in multiple symposiums and workshops. Here are some festivals of which I have been a part: Nordic Hornfest, BIBA (Blekinge International Brass Academy), Warsaw Horn Workshops, Curitiba Music Workshop, Domaine Forget, Hyogo, NYOUSA2 and Rafael Mendez Brass Institute. As a Featured Artist at the 2015 IHS Symposium, I released my debut album, SO•LOW.

Where Am I Now

I am the Horn Professor at Peabody Conservatory. I am the co-creator of Audition Mode. Low Horns Unite! (LHU) is an online subscription I designed. I am one of the solo artist/teacher at Rafael Mendez Brass Institute. Recording Artist, Solo Performer, Clinician.

What’s My Equipment

I have 2 Rauchs. The majority of my practicing and performing tends to be on one of my horns and the other lives at Peabody for me to teach. I really don’t like carrying a horn around, so this works out well for me. I play a Houser GS 12-0 mouthpiece with a JL 18.75mm (yes, that big!) black H-Kote rim. I also always have my little friend, Octavius Inky Kling on the horn with which I tend to perform. He makes me happy in the middle of concerts to look down and see him. 🙂 As far as mutes go – I have a Balu straight mute, a Woodstop stop mute and a Best Brass practice mute.

What I Offer You

If there is one unique skill I have, it’s how to tackle and solve the most difficult problems we face as horn players. I personally don’t care for the word “talent”. Becoming a great player didn’t come easily to me. I had to work really hard at it. Early on, the amount of work I put in didn’t yield anywhere near the results I wanted. So I had to dig in and solve my own problems. This is why I’m a great teacher and guide for you. I’ve made four embouchure changes in my life. I’ve spent countless hours solving my own problems as well as my students’. I’m here to help you become the player you’ve always wanted to be – whether you are a hobbyist, a freelancer or on track to win a professional job.

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